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7 Reasons to buy BabyBelle's baby crib Why BabyBelle?

1. Safe

Safety comes first with each BabyBelle's cribs. Made from certified non-toxic materials, each baby crib is also designed to have a safe distance between its slats of no more than <6cm apart to prevent your baby from getting stuck between the railings.

2. High Quality

All BabyBelle's cribs are complemented with super-strong foam-matresses. Our products are also accompanied with product warranty replacement to guarantee the satisfaction of your purchase.

3. Comfortable

Featuring a flexible drop-down crib railings mechanism to help you pick up and lay down your baby with ease, BabyBelle's baby cribs made suitable for your convenience.

4. Flexible

With adjustable matress height, BabyBelle's cribs are more than flexible to conform with your baby's growth through the years.

5. Bigger Size

With bigger size than most of standard baby cribs today, your baby will have a bigger room
to play and roam about.

6. Convertible

BabyBelle's baby cribs are designed to have a lifetime of use. Each baby crib that you buy from BabyBelle is convertible, right from baby crib to toddler bed or love seat, and some of them can even be converted to adult bed!
That's a huge saving over the years!

7. Affordable

Mentioning all the features above, who can contend that BabyBelle is highly affordable and economical for your family?

BabyBelle is,... the wisest choice for high-quality baby cribs.

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