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About Us

"Babybelle is a company dedicated to deliver
the safest, highest quality and affordable baby furniture."

It has been a lifetime commitment for us to usher innovation and enhance the quality of our product and services to you. We invite you to find out more about us and about what we can do to guarantee your satisfaction.
Please do not be hesitated to contact us regarding our products and services.

Why BabyBelle?

  • BabyBelle furnitures made using high quality wood piece and treated specifically for durability and to stand the test of time;

  • BabyBelle's cribs have been granted a non-toxic certification to guarantee the abstinence of poisoning agents dangerous to the health of your baby and children;

  • With more than 10 different kinds of baby cribs, BabyBelle made to adapt to your baby's need.

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BabyBelle Care Center

For more information, please contact:

BabyBelle Care Center (021) 666-70349 / 668-3547  support@babybelle.co.id

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