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Amanda breastfeeding sofa & stool
Amanda Breastfeeding Sofa (BS-001)

  Color: light cream
  Material: high quality fabric
  Dimension (W x D x H): 780 x 720 x 1180 mm

New Collection!

Breastfeeding is a wonderfully bonding, intimate experience for many mothers, but one that can be marred by finding it difficult to achieve a comfortable position for your baby to feed in.

This babybelles�s breastfeeding sofa perfectly designed to meet your breastfeeding need, this sofa gives a maximum comfort for you and your loved one. This upholstery is also perfect your everyday use and it�s easy to clean up as well.

The ease with which mothers can position their babies for a good latch-on contributes to the success of feeding and establishing a breast milk supply. The Breastfeeding sofa helps to place babies optimally, relieving shoulders as baby is held in the feeding position, and reducing the risk of backache. It�s sturdy design and elegant appeal will provide you with a complete memorable breasfeeding experience.


Only Rp 4,800,000

* Include Amanda Breastfeeding Stool (BS-002)


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Amanda measurements

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Amanda breastfeeding stool
Amanda Breastfeeding Stool (BS-002)

  Color: light cream
  Material: High-quality fabric
  Dimension (W x D x H): 600 x 600 x 450 mm

This footstool has been designed as the perfect accompaniment to the Babybelle Breastfeeding Sofa. It allows you to literally 'put you feet up' either during or after breastfeeding, and gives you a chance to get extra comfy when snuggling in with your little one! It is also great for older siblings who can either sit on it, rest their legs with you if they are sat on the breastfeeding chair or even use it as a table!

Only Rp 578,000!

Low delivery fee
certified non-toxic material
International safety standard

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