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Venetian baby bed collection
Venetian Baby Bed (VN 001-002)

Color: Espresso (KV-001), White Ivory (KV-002)
Material: Solid Mahogany/Pine
Dimension (W x D x H):1510 x 940 x 1110 mm
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New Collection!

Babybelle presents you with our latest baby bed collection with a touch of classic, an elegant masterpiece for moms who want to dedicate beauty for their beloved babies.

Complete with bedside railing than can be lowered with only a single hand action, Kevin's baby bed is adjustable to 3-levels of height, you can also put additional drawers under your Venetian baby bed for storage. Venetian baby bed can also be converted to a toddler bed.

Suitable for newborn baby until 5-years old.

Only Rp 9,725,000!
(additional under crib drawers : 2,100,000)

Get it now!

Product Replacement Warranty Low Delivery Fee certified non-toxic material International Safety Standard

Bryant Dresser Detail Bryant Dresser

Bryant Dresser (VN-003)

Warna: White Ivory
Material: Mahogany
Dimensi (p x l x t): 840 x 505 x 1055 mm

Lengkap dengan 2 buah laci sedang dan 2 buah laci besar. Sudah termasuk alas dan busa pengganti,
penggantung handuk dan alas untuk meletakkan asesoris/perlengkapan bayi.

Hanya Rp 5,500,000!

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